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Westwood Charter New Online Directory Information


We have a NEW online directory program at WWC! It is called Fresh Schools.

If you entered your family information in the previous directory, you should have received an “invitation to join” by now.

It is very important to log in and update your information.


Frequently Asked Questions


Where do I log in to access Fresh Schools?

Log in at

I did not get an “invitation” to join – how can I join? OR I was not previously listed – how can I join? OR What if I was listed in the last directory but am no longer listed?

First, check your spam folder. If you did not receive an email invitation, email Provide your child(ren’s) name(s) and teacher and the email address you would like to use. You will then be entered into the system and receive an “invitation” to join. When you receive the invitation, you can add more information and adjust privacy settings.


Why do I only see one of my children when I log in?

If you have more than one child enrolled at WWC, you will see the name of one of your children on the upper right hand corner. Click on your child’s name and you will see a pulldown menu that will show the names of your other child(ren).


Who gets to see the information?

The information is only shared with other Westwood Charter families.




1) There is an App called FreshSchools - no space between “fresh” and “schools”

when you search for it in the App store.

2) You can upload your child’s photo – makes it easier to recognize and get to

know the kids.

3) You can choose the level of sharing of information: “share with other

classroom parents only,” “share with the school,” or “keep information private.” You can choose sharing preference for each category: email address, mobile phone, home address, home phone.

4) Even if you choose to keep your email address private, people can still email you through Fresh Schools!