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Bedtime Story Jam

Please join us for a fun-filled pajama party and bedtime story extravaganza! Ten fabulous authors are coming to read their books and share their adventures with our kids. To preview these books, visit the Book Fair in the library (opening September 13th). Avoid the Friday night madness and buy your books during the week and have them autographed on the night of the event.

Information about the authors and their books is listed below. Most author will hold two consecutive sessions and you can sign up each child for one author per session. So research your authors now and choose two! They're all wonderful.

Special bonus…For those who only want to go to one author session (or if your favorite authors get filled), we will have a sing-a-long and story telling with the STAR Drama Department in the auditorium!

Come in your coziest pajamas, grab some FREE milk donated by Whole Foods and delicious cookies donated by Le Pain Quotidien*, and get ready to enjoy an evening of books, music, and friends which is secretly promoting literacy and inspiring young story tellers and writers. SHHHH... don't tell the kids!

Date: Friday, September 20th
Doors open at 6:15 pm
First Session will begin PROMPTLY at 6:30 pm

Sign-Up Genius will go live on Tuesday, September 17th.


*This event is sponsored in part by Whole Foods, Le Pain Quotidien, Re-purpose Compostables, and OAC.




Bonnie Tribbett Rosario

Grades TK - 2nd

Bonnie is a girl, a curious girl, who loves reading and learning about animals, especially chickens. After lots of research, her parents take her on a trip to a nearby farm, Chicken girl is in for quite a feathery surprise! This personal narrative teaches kids that reading and research can help make their dreams reality. The last pages of the book have real facts and photos of chickens for kids to enjoy.



Karen Winnick

Grades TK - 2nd

Whether they're dashing, splashing, munching, or crunching, baby animals are ever-exploring! At home in their natural habitats, baby animals learn about the world that surrounds them. When the fun is done, it's time for baby animals to go to sleep. Full of action, sound effects, and patterned text, each story features the antics and behavior of six wild animal babies: tiger, elephant, giraffe, rhinoceros, panda, and gorilla. This 64-page, beautifully designed story book is perfect for bedtime.

A true story about a penguin named Lucky told with affection and illustrated with oil paintings, on how Lucky got his shoe. Lucky is a penguin in the Santa Barbara Zoo who now has the ability to walk and swim like all the other penguins. 





Caroline Arnold

Grades TK - 2nd

Arnold returns to the same classroom she observed in Hatching Chicks in Room 6. This time she joins Mrs. Best and her kindergarten students as they follow a classroom of real kindergartners as they participate in a popular activity: raising butterflies. Astonishing photographs show the life cycle of the painted lady butterfly, from egg to caterpillar to chrysalis to adult. Engaging text captures the children's wonder and explains the science behind metamorphosis.


Sheri Fink & Derek Taylor Kent

Grades TK - 2nd,

1st Session

Sheri’s brand new book! The Little Dragon loves to dance in his magical meadow. When he discovers that he’s not alone, he experiences the overpowering emotions of fear, embarrassment, and anger for the first time. Through a series of heartwarming missteps, he learns the value of being open to sharing instead of isolating himself. This enchanting story helps kids recognize and express their big feelings in healthy ways, and teaches us all that dancing and life are better with friends.




Derek’s brand new book!! Welcome to the town of Gross, where grossness is just a way of life and folks love trying to out-gross one another. From a lady with a million pet roaches to a man with a house made of snot, you'll be howling with laughter while learning important messages about green energy and not being wasteful. 



Sheri Fink

Grades TK - 2nd

2nd Session

THE LITTLE UNICORN has lost her sparkle and she'll need the help of some magical fairies and, of course, the kids in the audience, to help her find it. This is a story that will be treasured forever! Photo session afterward with Sheri, the real life mermaid!


Derek Taylor Kent

Grades 3rd-5th

2nd Session

If you like spooky monsters and howling with laughter, this is the place to be! Derek Taylor Kent AKA Derek the Ghost, will tell some spine-tingling choose- your-own-adventure stories based on his award-winning series SCARY SCHOOL, and the students will have to make all the right choices if they hope to survive! Plus, get a special peek inside his brand new STEM humor novel PRINCIPAL MIKEY, where a 10-year-old kid becomes principal of his school!


Frans Vischer

Grades TK-2nd

Fuddles is a pampered, overweight house cat whose perfect world is turned upside down when his family brings home a new puppy. Puddles drools, whines, and annoys Fuddles to no end. When Fuddles tries to pick a yummy avocado off a branch of a tree and ends up on top of the neighbor's doghouse, he sees his ninth and final life flash before his eyes. Puddles comes to his rescue, and Fuddles realizes that his rival is actually a good friend. 

Frans Vischer is the author and illustrator of  Fuddles and A Very Fuddles Christmas. He worked as an animator for Disney, most recently on "Mary Poppins Returns.” 


Eric DelaBarre

Grades 2nd - 5th

Endorsed by Teachers of the Year around the country, Saltwater Taffy follows the lives of five tweenage friends as they uncover a treasure map that once belonged to the ruthless New Orleans pirate, Jean Lafitte. The discovery thrusts them from one treasure hunting adventure to the next as they try to out-wit, out-think and out-maneuver everyone from the one-legged junk-yard man and an overbearing town bully, to the creepy old man living at the top of the hill. Saltwater Taffy is a race-to-the-finish adventure that grabs the reader and never lets go.

Eric DelaBarre is an award winning filmmaker, speaker, and former ghostwriter.


Toni Gallagher

Grades 2nd - 5th

When a package arrives in the mail for Cleo Nelson, she can’t wait to open it. The birthday present is seven months late, but it’s from Uncle Arnie and that can only mean one thing: magic! Inside is a voodoo doll complete with instructions for making happy, wonderful things happen to Cleo and her friends—err, friend. Just one, really. But maybe the doll can change that. . . .

Toni Gallagher currently serves as executive producer of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills on Bravo. 


James Matlack Raney

Grades 3rd - 5th

The popular author of The Jim Morgan Series and his 2017 Indie Silver Award winning book, Lord of the Wolves, is back! Watcher and his siblings will flee through lands of violent danger, ancient mystery, and deep magic.Together their bonds of love and family will be tested, and Watcher will learn the true meaning of what it is to be a Lord of the Wolves.


Maryrose Wood

Grades 3rd - 5th

Of especially naughty children, it is sometimes said: "They must have been raised by wolves." The Incorrigible children actually were.

This is the first of her six book series about Incorrigible children and their governess. Discovered in the forest of Ashton Place, the Incorrigibles are no ordinary children. Luckily, Miss Penelope Lumley is no ordinary governess. Mysteries abound at Ashton Place: Who are these three wild creatures? Why does Old Timothy, the coachman, lurk around every corner? Will Penelope be able to civilize the Incorrigibles in time for Lady Constance's holiday ball? And what on earth is that howling in the attic?

Thank you!

The Bedtime Story Jam Committee