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Multicultural Week

Multicultural Week:  December 11-15 

The week will be filled with class Multicultural Feasts, visits to our Cultural Museum, and parent demonstrations of cultural customs. If you would like to volunteer to do a school-wide demonstration versus just your class, please let us know so we can make arrangements. 


If you have any questions please contact Angelike Dexter at


Thank you! 

Your Multicultural Week Chairs,

Angelike Dexter and Beth Glenn-Mallouk 


Seeking Contributions for the Westwood Charter Multicultural Week Museum December 11-15

Westwood Charter's Multicultural Week will be December 11th-15th. In addition to the classroom "feast" and parent presentations, the library is transformed into a "museum" featuring items contributed by Westwood Charter families over the year. These items include a wide range of objects from pieces of traditional clothing, to statues, to small books, etc. The items are arranged by country of origin and all classrooms have the opportunity to tour the museum during their library time.


We are seeking new contributions for the museum this year. Please consider donating an object to the museum that reflects your family's origins/visits/culture. These items will be kept permanently at Westwood Charter and displayed each year in the museum. Although children are discouraged from handling the items, please don't contribute anything that is extremely fragile or expensive. Please include a tag or sign with the object indicating your family's name and the origin of the item, which will be included in the display.


If you have an item to donate, please bring it to the office (preferable in a plastic bag with the item/sign) and a place it in the black plastic bin we have put there for the multicultural museum. We are accepting donations all next week (Dec. 4-8) If you want your item to be included, be sure to drop it off by next Friday, December 8th so it can be included in the museum.


Please feel free to email us with any questions. 



Angelike Dexter ( and Beth Glenn-Mallouk (

Multicultural Week Co-Chairs