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Science Slam


Parents, are you scientists o144.jpgr science enthusiasts?


Please join a great group of volunteers to put on the Science Slam, a fun afternoon of free, hands-on science exhibits and experiments for the Westwood Charter community. The event is typically scheduled on a Saturday in April.


Volunteer opportunities: 

-- Science leaders: For the scientifically inclined, this is an opportunity to create and run an experiment or exhibit of your choosing. Our past exhibits and experiments have included the egg drop, a rocket launch, an earthquake table, and a life-sized slingshot.  We have also included an area for the TK and K students, so we welcome simplified science activities aimed at our younger students' level.

-- Science assistants: If you enjoy science but don't have the time to plan your own activity, you can sign up to assist with one! 

-- Organizational volunteers: If you are enthusiastic but less scientifically inclined, we need volunteers to work a 2.5-hour shift on the day of the event to set up and clean up, greet and direct attendees, and run the snack bar, registration table, and prize table.

If you have questions or comments, or would like to volunteer, please contact the steering committee (


To learn more, visit the Science Slam website at