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Dear Westwood Families,

UTLA and the LAUSD have not come to an agreement and the strike will begin tomorrow, Monday, January 14th.  Please continue to monitor labor updates on

I’ve included the FAQs sent last week.  During the strike students will be meeting in grade span groups as follows:

TK/K – library

1/2 – Student Dining Room

3/4/5 – Auditorium

We have postponed or cancelled events scheduled to take place on campus this week [i.e. parent tour, WISE meeting (may be relocated off campus), Career Day, and our monthly PAWS assembly].  We will update the school calendar on our website if additional changes are necessary.

It is unknown how long the strike will last and your support to our full school community is appreciated.

Kathy Flores

As a parent, should I send my child to school?

As a parent, it is your personal decision.  School will remain open during a strike.  If you choose to bring your child to school, we will be focused on student safety and learning.

Will my child have a substitute teacher?

No.  Our first focus is student safety and we have plans in place to do our best to provide continuity of learning, although the day will not be routine.

What activities do you have planned for grade level groups?

The activities planned will be dependent on the number of students present and the weather.  Students may participate in rotations (art, music, PE, math, language arts - reading and writing, etc.) during the school day but these plans will be adjusted based on the number of students at school each day and the number of staff members present. We are currently expecting 3-4 credentialed staff members to be present, including our Principal and Assistant Principals. The predicted rain will also play a factor in how the day goes. We will need to remain flexible and put our students’ needs first - safety and then instruction.

Will the educational program instituted by my child’s current teacher be continued?

It is unlikely.  Although the day will not be routine, instruction provided will be grade level appropriate.

Will there be recess breaks?  

Yes.  All grades will have a daily recess and lunch break.  The cafeteria will continue to serve meals.  If it is raining, all breaks will be indoors.

Will there be picketing outside Westwood Charter?

It is expected that teachers will be picketing outside of all LAUSD schools in the mornings and afternoons. We are expecting our teachers to be outside Westwood.

Will attendance be counted against the student’s records if parents decided to keep our kids at home during the strike?  

Attendance will be taken daily.  Students will be marked absent if they do not attend school and the absence will be marked unexcused.  A parent may choose to keep their child home but this is not an excusable absence according to California Education Code.  If a student has three or more unexcused absences the current district policy is to send a truancy notification letter.  This letter is generated centrally and not at the school site.  The letter informs the parent of the district’s attendance policy and California Education Code.  The letter does not require parents to take any action.  Attendance does not affect student progress report grades; however attendance is part of the student’s school record.  Students will not be withdrawn due to attendance during a work stoppage.

If my child needs to leave school early, will he/she receive credit for the whole instructional day?

For elementary school attendance purposes, any time present results in the student being marked present for the school day for Average Daily Attendance (ADA).

We will continue to follow our regular protocols and ask parents to provide a valid identification (driver's license) if they wish to check their child out of school early.  Please remember to bring your ID and patience as we expect the office may be busier than usual.

Will parents be allowed to volunteer on campus?

LAUSD Visitors Policy prohibits parents, visitors, and other non-employees on campus for any situation without Principal approval.  Parents who have been previously cleared to volunteer may be contacted to assist with campus needs.  Parents may not provide discipline or be responsible for instruction.  Volunteers must work under the supervision of a certificated employee.

Parents will be expected follow our typical protocol and leave campus after drop-off.

Will my child receive homework during the strike?

Homework is planned by classroom teachers.  If the teacher is striking, then homework will not be provided from the classroom teacher.  Parents are encouraged to have their children read nightly.

Are students allowed to attend Beyond the Bell (YS) or STAR if they choose not to go to school that day?

Only students who are present during the school day may participate in Beyond the Bell (YS) programs.  However, outside afterschool programs (STAR, Upstage, Girls On the Run) are excluded from this restriction.

How long will the strike last?

The answer to this question is unknown.  In 1989, the strike lasted 9 days.  The strike will end when UTLA leadership indicates that an agreement has been reached.

Posted 1/14/19

If you would like to volunteer on an on-going basis, (i.e. weekly or monthly classroom volunteer, regular copy parent/work party, ArtShare, or Chill Zone) you will need to complete the on-line volunteer application.  Please deliver a copy of the application, Volunteer Commitment Form, and TB results clearance to our main office.  TB clearance can be provided by a physician by a skin test or TB Risk Assessment.  Our office staff will facilitate the scheduling fingerprinting with an approved LAUSD office and applicants will be contacted when district approval is received.

Posted 11/5/18


The 2018-2019 Emerson Tour Dates  for prospective students are:
November 15, 2018,  December 13, 2018, February 14, 2019 ,  March 21, 2019, April 11, 2019 

All tours are from 8:30 - 10:00 a.m. Those wishing to attend must make a reservation by sending an email to with: (1) their name and their child's name; (2) child's current school; (3) child’s current grade; (4) the tour date they'd like to attend; and (5) the number of people who will be attending the tour in their group. All tours begin promptly at 8:30 a.m. with a presentation in the auditorium followed by a campus tour led by student ambassadors and parent volunteers, and ending with a Q&A with the principal in the library.  Please plan to arrive by 8:15 a.m. to park and check in.

Posted 10/29/18