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Principal's Coffee


Welcome to the Principal's Coffee page!  .Join us each month for the Principal's Coffee to learn more about topics such as the Common Core standards, magnet school applications, and other timely subjects!coffee cup

Here you'll find information on some of the recent items discussed in Principal Kathy Flores' monthly coffee chat with parents.


May 3, 2023

LAUSD Summer Program Offerings

GATE Eligibility Pathways and Programs


April 12, 2023

Affirming and Inclusive Schools: Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Expression (SOGIE)

SOGIE Resources for Care Givers


March 16, 2023

Work Stoppage: Student & Family Support During a Possible Strike


March 1, 2023

What is P.A.W.S.?  How does P.A.W.S. support our community?


February 2, 2023

Budget Review and 2023-24 Budget Priorities


December 7, 2022

Developing Early Reading Skills at Home

Additional Parent Workshops Presented by Region West


November 2, 2022

Inclusive and Affirming Schools: Affirming Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Expression at School


October 12, 2022

Choices Application Process and Resources


September 7, 2022

LAUSD Strategic Plan and School Volunteer Process


August 15, 2022

New Parent Orientation


May 4, 2022

4/5 Multi-Age Program and Summer Program Options


April 6, 2022

Spring COVID Testing and (re)Building Community


March 2, 2022

School Experience Survey


February 2, 2022

2021-22 Budget Review and 2022-23 Budget Priorities


December 16, 2021

Spring 2022 COVID Protocols


December 1, 2021

Bullying and Hazing: What Parents Need to Know


November 3, 2021

Schoolwide Positive Behavior Support Plan - P.A.W.S.


October 6, 2021

Choices Application Process


September 1, 2021

School Volunteer Program


August 11, 2021

New Family Orientation


August 4, 2021

Welcome Back to School - Fall 2021


June 9, 2021

Fall 2021 Reopening Back to School, Back to Better


June2, 2021

Summer Program Options


April 13 and 15, 2021

Safe Steps to Safe Schools Reopening UPDATE for 4/19/21


March 15, 2021

Safe Steps to Safe Schools


March 3 , 2021 

LAUSD Daily Pass


February 3, 2021

2020-21 Budget Review and 2021-22 Budget Priorities


December 2, 2020

Preparing for a Safe Return to Campus

Return to Campus Family Guide

Instructions for Completing Program Selection Form


West LA COS Town Hall Recorded Presentation

FAQs from West LA Town Hall


November 4, 2020

What is Growth Mindset? How can it help our students manage distance learning?


October 7, 2020

Unified Enrollment: eChoices for Affiliated Charters, Magnets, and SAS


September 2, 2020

Distance Learning: Student Participation and Attendance


August 18, 2020

Welcome to the New Year (Slide Deck with links)

Welcome to the New Year (Recorded Webinar) 


June 3, 2020

Summer School Options, Grading Policy, and other Updates


May 6, 2020

Distance Learning and Updates


March 4, 2020

Keeping Your Kids Inline Online presented by Justin Frank, Local District West Social Media Assistant

Planet Bravo Curriculum

Planet Bravo Curriculum Overview (Handout)

Weekly Westwood Tech Instruction Lessons with Planet Bravo


February 5, 2020

2019-20 Budget Review and 2020-21 Budget Priorities


November 6, 2019

Dyslexia Presentation

Presentation Handouts

What is Dyslexia? (video)

Hands-On Activity to Identify Your Child's Strengths

LAUSD Dyslexia Awareness Resource Webpage


October 2, 2019

Choices: Welcome and Agenda

Choices Application Process

Affiliated Charters, Magnet Schools and Gifted and Highly Gifted Magnets


September 4, 2019

LAUSD Parent Portal 

Parent Portal Login and Resources


April 3, 2019

Anxiety: Fostering Positive Well-Being


LAUSD School Mental Health Resources


March 6, 2019

2018-19 Budget Review and 2019-20 Budget Priorities


February 6, 2019

Affliated and Independent Charter Schools -

What's the Difference?


November 7, 2018

Choices Application Process

Magnet Schools

Gifted and Highly Gifted Magnets


October 3, 2018

Board Member Nick Melvoin (BD4)


September 5, 2018

Attendance Matters:  Keep It Under Seven


May 2, 2018

Introduction to Restorative Justice


April 4, 2018

Introduction to Growth Mindset


March 6, 2018

2017-18 Budget Review and 2018-19 Budget Priorities


February 7, 2018

GATE Eligibility Pathways and Program Options

Gifted Student Characteristics

Gifted and Talented Categories


November 1, 2017

Choices Application Process

Magnet Schools

Gifted and Highly Gifted Magnets



October 4, 2017

Elementary Progress Report Card Presentation

Elementary Progress Report Parent Handbook


September 6, 2017

Parent Access Support System Portal "PASSport"

PASSport Registration Process

PASSport Webpage

PASSport Login


May 3, 2017

Internet Safety and Social Media


April 5, 2017

Bullying and Hazing: What Parents Need to Know

Bullying Prevention and Intervention Tips

What to Do if Your Child Exhibits Bullying Behavior


March 1, 2017

2017-18 School Budget Priorities


February 1, 2017

GATE Eligibility and Programs


December 7, 2016



November 2, 2016

School-wide Positive Behavior Support Plan - PAWS


October 5, 2016

Choices Application Process

Magnet Schools

Gifted and Highly Gifted Magnets


September 7, 2016

Second Step: Social and Emotional Learning


April 6th, 2016
Bullying & Hazing: What Parents Need to Know


March 2016

2016-17 School Budget Priorities


December 2nd, 2015
Teaching Strategies
I Can Statements
Common Core Math
Mathematical Practice


October 7th, 2015
Smarter Balance Testing Explained


September 2nd, 2015
Attendance and Enrollment Update


February 4th, 2015 - GATE identification process and SAS application process
Gifted/Talented Identification Categories 
Gifted/Talented Student Characteristics


December 3rd, 2014 - Common Core Math Practices and Math Standards
Math at Home - Helping Your Children Enjoy and Learn Mathematics
Erin Miles Mathematical Practices with Questions