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Fundraise While You Shop

Below are four ways you can earn money for Westwood Charter while you shop!


1. Buy SCRIP Gift Cards For Your Everyday Shopping

SCRIP gift cards are a simple way to raise money for our school without spending any extra cash—use gift cards on your weekly runs to grocery stores, coffee shops, and restaurants, and you can be donating hundreds of dollars to our school—anywhere from 1.5% to 50% of your purchase.


We encourage you to choose retailers where you regularly shop, and use SCRIP gift cards in place of cash or credit card. About to make a major purchase like furniture at Pottery Barn, a new appliance at Best Buy, or new suits at Bloomingdales? Think about how easy it would be to make a significant donation to our school with just a little forethought. The cards also make excellent gifts for birthdays, the holidays, and the end of the school year.


We offer Scrip gift cards in December and May, but can accommodate purchases at any time by emailing


Just fill out this form to start shopping!


For a list of the retailers and restaurants we sell cards for, click here for the comprehensive list.


2. Register Your Ralphs Rewards Card Online

Ralphs has a “Community Contributions” program that donates part of your purchase to Westwood Charter.  First, you need to register your Ralphs rewards card online and then enroll in the program, choosing Westwood W.I.S.E. as the beneficiary.  


Please register again even if you signed up last year—Ralphs won’t renew automatically for us. Just follow the instructions at and select W.I.S.E., Westwood Involvement Supports Education as the recipient organization or enter our number 80592.


ralphs rewards card



We can earn between 6 and 8 percent of all Amazon purchases by simply navigating to Amazon by clicking on the Amazon link on the homepage of the school’s website.  You pay the same for your purchases, but a portion of your payment will benefit the school, so please remember to do your Amazon shopping by clicking the link!


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4. Student Store:  

The Student Store sells Westwood Charter gear at drop off and pick up throughout the year, but if you miss the sales, just email Olga at to arrange a purchase.



Please contact Laura Redford at with any questions regarding the program!