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WISE Finance

W.I.S.E. is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization that operates according to a set of bylaws. The business and affairs of the organization are managed by a 9-member Board of Directors.  As the parent organization at Westwood Charter, W.I.S.E. has two primary functions: 1) to raise needed funds to help support the school beyond what is provided by LAUSD, and 2) to serve the school by coordinating parent volunteer efforts, assisting with programs and activities that enhance the school community, and serving as a forum for parents to gather and exchange ideas.  During the past several years, W.I.S.E. has raised more than $350,000 annually to help support educational programs and resources at the school.  We must raise these funds each year in order to keep our teachers, staff and enrichment programs. These funds are the difference between a good education and the great education our children receive at Westwood Charter.