Principal Flores


Principal Flores has been in education for more than 25 years and at Westwood Charter since 2013. Read more about her and the staff of WWC. 

Extra! Extra!

Read all about the latest at WWC wth the Westwood Window, written by the students of Press Corps!


Traffic Safety

It's important that we keep our kids safe. Please watch this video to prepare for Traffic Duty at Westwood Charter and learn proper procedures for drop off and pick up.


  1. No parking on Selby, Mississippi, or LaGrange during the hours of 7:30 a.m. - 8:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. - 3:30 p.m. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS! 
  2. Drop off and pick up children without blocking traffic.
  3. Cross at the corner with your child.
  4. Do not park in No Parking Zones.
  5. Do not stop to let your children out in the Red Zone. 
  6. Do not double park.
  7. Do not block driveways or use the teachers’ parking lot.

Thank you for your support!

Our Community School

wwc_color1.jpgWestwood Charter School is an inclusive, child-centered environment where children feel safe to take risks. It is a community dedicated to educating the whole child. Our students are actively engaged in learning through a curriculum that is both developmental and experiential. Our students are challenged to construct knowledge through meaningful interactions with each other and the world and are agents of change as they embrace their connections to the local and global community. Westwood Charter School is an affiliated charter and a member of the Los Angeles Unified School District and a California Distinguished School. It has been a charter school since July 26, 1993.


Chill Zone is a chance for parents to volunteer at lunch recess. In the Chill Zone, students in Grades 1-5 engage with each other during recess in non-sports related activities, including board games, Legos, and engaging with eachother at recess. 
For more information about volunteering, please contact

Community News


SAVE THE DATE: Middle School Night: Wednesday, November 2 at 7:00 pm 

Please join us on Wednesday, November 2nd at 7:00pm for Middle School Information Night. Current and former Westwood parents will talk about their experiences at  

Girls Academic Leadership Academy (GALA)

Emerson Community Charter

New West Charter School

City Charter School

Paul Revere Middle School

Palms Middle School 


Come get the perspective of parents who've been through the process. The evening will begin with a panel discussion and end with a break out session during which panelists will take questions about their child's middle school. 


Middle School Information Night is for parents only. No kids, please. The panel discussion will start promptly at 7:00 pm in the auditorium.


If you have any questions, contact Jae Wu at, Middle School Information Night Chair.


REGISTER YOUR RALPH'S CARD ONLINE AND START EARNING MONEY FOR WWC! Last year, Westwood Charter received more than $13,000 from people registering their Ralphs cards and shopping away.  All you need to do is register once and the school receives a percentage of what you spend - so easy.


There has been one change to the program this year - no more bar codes to scan.  Now you simply register your card online and link your account per the instructions below.


Follow these instructions to register and start earning money for the school right away!  Please remember that you must re-register every year!

1. Log onto

2. Click "Sign In" or "No Account? Register on the top right of the screen.  

3. Log in or create an account

4. Click on the "Community Arrow" and select "Ralphs Community Contribution Program"

5. Link your card to WISE for Westwood Charter:

a. click on enroll or re-enroll

b. Type NPO number: 80592

c. Click on the circle next to W.I.S.E

 d. Click on Enroll to finish


Any questions?  Email Laura Redford at and she will answer your questions or even walk you through the process!


First Parent & Student Community Council! (PSCC)

"New Beginnings, New Goals!" Wednesday, September 28, 2016


Dear Westwood Families,

We warmly invite you to be a part of our first Parent & Student Community Council of this school year on Wednesday, September 28, 2016 at 6:30 p.m. in our Auditorium.  This evening allows you to gather with fellow parents, students, and Westwood teachers to be a member of our special community in an intimate and meaningful way.


Featured Teachers This Month:

Steph Higa

Matt Gaydos

Diana Greenstein

Mandy Pierce

Annalee Kennedy

Rachel Cannella

Bernadette Duffy


Council is the practice of speaking and listening from the heart.  Through compassionate, heartfelt expression and empathetic listening, Council offers an effective means of communicating.  It provides a common experience and shared vision for sound decision-making and conflict resolution.  It is also a valuable learning tool that enables children to express themselves thoughtfully and with confidence.

Your child participates in Council on a regular basis at our school.  We hope you will take advantage of this opportunity to experience with your child, what has become common practice at Westwood Charter.  COME BE A PART OF THE CIRCLE!


Please RSVP to Diana Greenstein directly at by Friday, September 23, 2016.



Your Westwood Charter Teachers


Google Calendar

We've implemented Google Calendar to make it easier to see and subscribe to the WWC calendar in Outlook, Google, Yahoo, iPhone, Android, and other platforms. See the mini-calendar below or go to our Calendar page to view or print the calendar in a larger format.

To subscribe via Outlook or smartphone (iCal), click here for more info!

Our Sponsors

 WWC thanks our generous sponsors. Please support them!

2016-2017 Fund Drive

Every year we ask that you thoughtfully and generously support this year’s Education & Enrichment Fund Drive. Contributions to the Education & Enrichment Fund make possible the programs and staff for class-size reductions, classroom aides, art, music, drama and physical education as well as the school librarian, computers, technology, and other critical needs. All donations are tax-deductible and the funds raised go to the school’s programs and facilities. For more information, please click here or click below to donate


Shop & Support

You can earn money for Westwood Charter every time you shop! Please see the Fundraise While You Shop page for more information or click on the links below:

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